Do you only train teams or individuals too?

Most of what Point Blank offers is team consultation; however, the Nutrition Coaching is for any individual!  There also may occasionally be opportunities for personal training depending on several factors.  If interested, you can always use the contact us page to get more information.

What is nutrition coaching?

A nutrition coach is someone who can give clarity to all of the conflicting nutrition information that fills the internet.  Our programs are based on scientifically tested nutrition strategies developed through Precision Nutrition Inc. that will help you achieve your goals whether that be to lose fat, gain muscle, increase performance or have more energy.  Personal training is not included in this service; however, general exercise recommendations are included in the curriculum.

Do you train teams outside of Phoenix?

On a case by case basis, Point Blank can offer either team consultations or Competitive Edge Clinics to teams outside of Phoenix; however, additional travel fees may be required.

What would a standard team training session look like?

Ideally, the session would be scheduled to happen right at the end of your normal practice and be held 1-2 times per week.  As soon as practice finishes, a Point Blank Trainer would then set up equipment (cones, agility ladders, bands, jump ropes, foam rollers etc.) on your court/field and proceed to conduct a 30-45min training session.  Concluding the session, athletes will be given tips on applicable nutrition and recovery strategies to help them prepare for their next event.

What ages groups do you work with?

Point Blank focuses on athletes that are junior high and above.  Because of ties and contracts with the NCAA there may be times where we are limited on what sports we can train at the high school level.  Contact us to see if your team qualifies to consult with Point Blank.